Integrations Review and Documentation

Understanding how your existing software applications work together is essential to safeguarding company assets, maintaining data integrity and identifying opportunities to improve. Path Systems offers comprehensive audits of your software suite, ensuring your business is operating safely and efficiently.

Security Protocols

As technology continues to advance, there is a correlating increase in IT threats and disruptions. Path Systems will ensure all security controls are operating as intended and identify if any breach in security has occurred, ensuring your and your customers’ data is protected from loss and theft.

Future Proofing Your Business

Examining your company's existing software applications, Path Systems can determine the integrity of your IT system and identify methods to minimize future risks. We confirm that all systems are compliant, efficient and adequately controlled to ensure reliable and secure input, processing, and output at all levels of activity.

Showing You The Path Forward

Transparency and clarity are key to building a long-term business partnership. We create diagrams, write documentation, and make a presentation on how your systems work together - keeping you in the know as to how your business is operating behind the scenes.

Jargon-free approach

We’re experts in technology and software, but we don’t expect you to be. We’ll explain the findings of our systems audit in language you can understand - no matter your level of expertise.

Secure, compliant and efficient

A systems audit with Path Systems provides your organization with peace of mind. Our dedicated team draw upon years of expertise to verify that your existing technology controls effectively protect all corporate assets.

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